Enjoy the Top GRC Platform with Us!

As an authorized partner of RSA Security LLC, we cover all your GRC and RSA Archer needs.

Built-in Processes

All solutions come out-of-the-box with industry best practice process design to be utilized right away. RSA Archer is a low effort and fast implementation GRC platform.

High Flexibility

Highly configurable to adapt exacts needs of the process, solution builder with codeless development including opportunity to add new solutions.

Strong Features

Several features designed to satisfy process needs such as data driven layout changes to email notifications, access control to pre-defined exports.

Easy Integrations

Several out-of-box integration to other systems and feeds, also configurable file-based, API-based or direct connection integrations.

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    Everything you need from a GRC Platform

    We deliver the best-selling high-end GRC Platform with our high-quality and dedicated GRC services:

    Audit Management

    Audit Use Case domain is built to comply with the IIA audit standards for planning, executing, and gathering feedback on audit engagements. It includes Audit Planning & Quality, Audit Engagement & Planning and Issues Management Use Cases.

    Business Resiliency

    Business Resiliency Use Case domain is designed to implement a BCM program with all its components and to be able to comply with the ISO 22301 standards. It includes Business Impact Analysis, BC/DR Planning and Resiliency & Crisis Management Use Cases.

    Third Party Governance

    Third Party Governance use case domain includes onboarding, evaluating, monitoring their risk and performance during the relationship. It includes Third Party Catalouge, Third Party Engagement, Third Party Governance and Third Party Risk Management use cases.

    Regulatory & Corporate Compliance

    Regulatory & Corporate Compliance use case domain is built to manage policies and compliance needs of organizations. It includes Policy Program Management, Control Assurance Program, Control Monitoring Program and Corporate Obligations Management use cases.

    IT & Security Risk Management

    IT & Security Risk Management use case domain is built to satisfy IT Security related processes. It includes IT Risk Management, IT Control Assurance, IT Vulnerabilities Program, Security Incident Management and SecOps (Security Operations and Breach Management) use cases. 

    Enterprise & Operational Risk Management

    Enterprise & Operational Risk Management use case domain is designed to satisfy the needs beyond the IT/Security related use cases. It includes Loss Event Management, Key Indicator Management, Bottom Up Risk Management, Risk Inventory & Top Down Risk Management and Operational Risk Management.

    Why Choose Us?

    Well Experienced

    Our team has experience in bringing GRC services to customers in several industries and countries worldwide.

    Certified Consultants

    Our team is made up of certified experts who are dedicated to serve you in all your GRC and RSA Archer needs.

    Trusted RSA Partner

    We are authorized reseller and delivery partner of RSA with both strong process and technical knowledge of Archer GRC Platform.