Cyber Security with GRC

Some of the universal outcomes of implementing GRC programs are preparing and protecting the organization and increasing stakeholders’ confidence. The most common Cyber Security use cases utilized with a GRC software are listed below: 

  • ISMS (ISO 27001) Management
  • Security Operations Center
  • Security Risk Management
  • Security Incident Management
  • Asset Management
  • Third Party Security Management
  • Policy Management
  • Security Compliance Management

Related GRC Software Features

GRC Platforms have several functionalities to kick-start and manage different cyber security frameworks and processes. Some of relevant GRC software functionalities are listed below: 

  • Pre-loaded Authoritative Sources
  • Pre-loaded policies and controls
  • Auto-launch control testing
  • Integrations with security tools
  • Metrics management
  • Pre-defined export templates
  • Advanced access control functions
  • Issues and task management

Process Level Benefits

Implementing cyber security management process with a GRC software provides rapid benefits on the maturity of the definition, execution and monitoring of the related security processes. Here are some process level benefits listed below: 

  • Visibility of security exposure
  • Agility in changing security requirements
  • Higher quality asset and organization information
  • Better resource allocation for security operations
  • Effeciency on security incident handling

Integrated GRC Benefits

Implementing risk management process with a GRC software comes with multiple benefits for other relevant processes such as Compliance, Audit, Risk, Privacy  and Business Continuity Management. Some of these benefits are listed below: 

  • Handling security compliance within integrated compliance
  • Improved mapping to hierarchy and assets
  • Increased integration of third party and privacy processes
  • Increased integration with business continuity processes
  • Integration with other risk frameworks (eg; ERM)  –  Let us show how GRC Cyber Security Management Solutions work….

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