TrainingGRC Platform Developer/GRCPD
Duration5 days

Overview & Audience

GRC Platform Developer (GRCPD) training is intended to target individuals who would be involved in software development lifecycle of GRC process and solution development from requirement management to deployment.

Training intends to provide a better understanding of GRC processes and platform features from development perspective and provides chance to hand-zone experience the development of new solutions and processes during the course.

Training Objectives

  • Better understanding of GRC concepts and terminology

  • Best practices of SDLC for GRC Implementations

  • Deep understanding of GRC Platform features and functions

  • Effective Solution and Process Design practices...

  • Gathering knowledge of configurations of all GRC platform development features..

  • Template usage for access control, design, development and testing practices..

Training Content

  • GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) Programs and Concepts

  • GRC Out-of-box Use Cases / Modules versus Customized Processes

  • GRC Platforms, Basic Functions and Features (Fields, Notifications, Workflows, Reports, Dashboards, Search & Export etc)

  • Agile Project Management for GRC Development

  • Effective Requirement Management for GRC Implementations

  • Effective Testing for GRC Implementations

  • Data Collecting, Analysis and Modeling for GRC implementations


  • GRCPD Certificate


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