COHIS – RSA Archer at its best!

We have built a focused solution using RSA Archer that has increased value and covers the most common use cases while all platform functions of the full product still available.

Most Common Use Cases

We carefully selected and developed the most common, high value and useful GRC use cases.

Affordable Design

We minimized both the license and development costs of COHIS to maximize the return on investment.

All Platform Features

COHIS still includes all of RSA Archer’s functionality such as email notifications, workflows, integrations, pre-defined exports etc.

Immediate Usage

We developed COHIS from RSA Archer’s out-of-the-box processes to a level where many customers can begin using them from day one.

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    We make the business case for GRC easy for you…

    Discover the significant added value to your GRC initiatives with COHIS:

    Organization & Asset Management

    Accommodates organizational hierarchy and other assets such as process, product/service, facility, people data…

    Policy & Document Management

    Allows storing and managing policies and similar related documentation, also mapping them into other solutions.

    Compliance Management

    Provides opportunity to build integrated control frameworks and strong automation for control testing.

    Risk Management

    Full scale risk management solution from identification to assessment, evaluation to remediation.

    Privacy Management

    Privacy engineering related processes and also GDPR requirements and compliance all covered.

    Incident & Request Management

    Capture requests and security, privacy, legal and other type of incidents and perform investigations.

    Business Continuity Management

    Perform BIA, build and maintain Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and similar type of plans.

    Audit Management

    Capture audit engagements and related details, follow up related audit findings and remediation plans.

    Finding & Exception Management

    Store all findings from many sources (Risk, Compliance, Audit etc) and treat them with remediation or exceptions.

    ISMS Management

    Consolidate all solutions to link and demonstrate compliance to ISO 27001 requirements.