Environment, Health & Safety with GRC

GRC can help to organize efforts and procedures for identifying workplace hazards and reducing accidents and exposure to harmful situations and substances. It also includes training of personnel in accident prevention, accident response, emergency preparedness, and use of protective clothing and equipment. Most common EHS use cases that are utilized within GRC Platforms are: 

  • Supplier EH&S Risk Management
  • Projects EH&S Risk Management
  • Permit/Card Tracking
  • OSHA Compliance
  • EH&S Incident Management
  • Non Conformance (CAPA) Management
  • EH&S Audit Management
  • ISO 14001 Compliance

Related GRC Software Features

GRC Platforms have several functionalities to kick-start and manage different EH&S  processes. Some of relevant GRC software functionalities are listed below: 

  • Integration to other systems such as ISOS and other feeds
  • Criteria based launched risk questionnaires
  • Criteria driven forms
  • Criteria driven email notifications
  • Exception Request Management
  • Findings and Remediation Planning
  • Pre-loaded risk and control libraries
  • Approval Workflows

Process Level Benefits

Implementing mentioned EH&S processes with a GRC software provides rapid benefits on the maturity of the definition, execution and monitoring of the EH&S processes. Here are some process level benefits listed below: 

  • Effective management of incidents and investigations
  • Early identification of vendor and project related EHS risks
  • Collaboration and accountability on CAPA Remediations
  • Agility in EHS related compliance requirements
  • Automation of EHS related information gathering and publishing
  • Improved preparation time and efforts for auditing

Integrated GRC Benefits

Implementing EH&S processes with a GRC software comes with multiple benefits for other relevant processes such as Risk, Compliance, Audit, Security, Privacy and Business Continuity Management. Some of these benefits are listed below: 

  • Alignment with organization's risk frameworks and processes
  • Integration to organization's incident and investigation processes
  • Improved mapping to organization's objectives, hierarchy and assets
  • Cohesiveness with security and privacy related processes
  • Adherence with business continuity, crisis management and emergency response planning

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