GRC Capability Service

For an efficient, agile and aligned GRC capability, we utilize the below-listed and services and more to analyze the transformation needs of your organization and processes from workflow, data, resources, integration and other perspectives. We develop an agile implementation roadmap to build a GRC capability that covers technological, financial, communication and training needs.

  • Organization & Process Transformation

  • GRC Project Management

  • Technology Sub-Plan

  • Financial Sub-Plan

  • Training & Awareness Sub-Plan

  • Communication & Reporting Sub-Plan

  • Continuous Improvement Sub-Plan


Exploit the proven benefits of GRC

We scope processes from your value protection domains such as Risk and Audit Management, then apply principles of process maturity such as automation, simplification or unification structurally to build a GRC capability. The objectives of GRC implementations such as increased visibility and accountability are ensured and we enable to measure outcomes to by building continuous improvement cycle with performance indicators.

IDC Analyst report calculates a 5-year average ROI up to 496% for succesful GRC Implementations.”  –  Reach us to initiate your GRC Journey…

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