TrainingGRC Platform Administrator/GRCPA
Duration4 days

Overview & Audience

GRC Platform Administrator (GRCPA) training is intended to target individuals who daily work on system and network infrastructure components and GRC application itself from system management perspective. It intends to provide a better understanding of GRC platform installation, upgrades and configurations, troubleshooting and other maintenance and support related activities.

Training Objectives

  • Understanding of GRC Platform system components

  • Understanding of installation, upgrade and configuration needs of GRC Platforms

  • Understanding of general GRC Platform features and functions

  • Performance and Sizing of GRC Platforms

  • Security, Access Control and Vulnerability Management of GRC Platforms

  • ITIL process considerations during GRC Platform Management

Training Content

  • Hand-zone installation and configuration of a GRC Platform

  • All related component configurations of GRC Platform

  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks..

  • User Management, Authentication Management and other Access Control needs..

  • Effective Support to Developed Processes

  • Incident, Change, Problem Management considerations...

  • Integrations Support and Maintenance of GRC Platforms


  • GRCPA Certificate


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